Top 10 tech jobs of 2022

Top 10 Tech Jobs

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The market for tech talent remains hot, and tech jobs are in higher demand than they have ever been. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree in a computer-related subject leads to a range of well-paying and in-demand occupations. Tech jobs have a median annual wage of $97,430 USD. Some tech careers pay much more than the national median income of $45,760 USD and have 13% expected growth rates, which is more than the total rate for all professions.


According to studies, Computer and Information Sciences is the major with the most employment offers and acceptance rates. These tech jobs provide competitive benefit packages, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other advantages. Now, for identifying different professions in this span, we started with the largest projected numbers and percentage of openings from 2020 to 2030, as determined by the BLS.

Here’s all you need to know about the top 10 highest-paying tech jobs available to you.


1. Information Technology Manager

  • Median annual salary: $159,010
  • Job outlook through 2030: 11%


IT Managers generally go by the names of CIOs (Chief Information Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), IT Directors, IT Managers, and IT Security Managers. While their responsibilities may vary from firm to firm, they often supervise an IT staff and assist corporations in navigating the ever-changing maze that is contemporary technology. IT Managers provide both short and long-term perspectives for the company’s IT requirements and goals. Despite the fact that most IT managers have the technical skills to carry out the responsibilities of the employees they supervise.


2. Computer Research Scientist

  • Median annual salary: $131,490
  • Job outlook through 2030: 22%


This role has the fewest new positions, but that is because it is a challenging sector to access. Computer Research Scientists are at the cutting edge of technological innovation and are one of the best-paying jobs in technology. The position typically requires a Ph.D., since they invent and design new technology and find new uses for the existing technology. Some computer operations are extremely complicated and need the use of sophisticated algorithms. Above all, Computer Research Scientists strive to enhance and simplify current algorithms to maximize the computer system efficiency.


3. Machine Learning Engineer

  • Median annual salary: $122,154
  • Job outlook through 2030: N/A


The ML Engineer focuses on researching, building, and designing self-running AI systems to automate predictive models – through the use of heuristics. It is a coding job that is always growing and evolving. Besides, to work as an ML Engineer, a master’s degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, or related subjects is needed.


4. Software Developer

  • Median annual salary: $110,140
  • Job outlook through 2030: 22%


Software developers create, design, and implement computer programs. Some create new mobile or desktop applications, while others build core operating systems. In any case, software engineers analyze user needs, develop programs, test new software, and enhance it. The current demand for these types of programs, which so many businesses require, raises the professional value of software developers significantly.


5. Data Scientist Search jobs

  • Median annual salary: $108,660
  • Job outlook through 2030: 2.4%


Organizations gather an increasing amount of data every day, making it the most valuable asset. Therefore, data science professionals are vital. A Data Scientist is a high-ranking professional with the expertise and interest to produce big data discoveries. According to Burtch Works 2021 research, level-3 data scientist managers earn up to $250,000 USD. In addition, the study shows that the majority of these professionals hold a master’s degree or a Ph. D. in engineering, math/statistics, or computer science.


6. Tech Sales Engineer

  • Median annual salary: $103,710
  • Job outlook through 2030: 8%


Tech sales is an excellent way to begin a career in technology without learning how to code. In addition, skilled engineers are in high demand. Tech sales workers receive competitive pay, commission, and simple education alternatives, often with career assurances.
The majority of Tech Sales Engineers have a degree in business, science, or technology. They must also be tech savvy in order to present ideas, explain products, and answer questions.


7. Information Security Analyst

  • Median annual salary: $102,600
  • Job outlook through 2030: 33% (faster growth than the average)


Cybersecurity needs a new approach. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to take cybersecurity for granted as the world becomes more digitally connected. By the end of 2021, ransomware assaults cost organizations $6 trillion, and more than 22 billion records were breached. These intrusions highlight the critical need for Information Security Analysts. The common need is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming, while some organizations prefer an MBA in Information Systems.


8. Computer System Analyst

  • Median annual salary: $99,270
  • Job outlook through 2030: 7%


Computer System Analysts develop and assess computer systems for businesses and upgrade them to make them more efficient. The majority of them are employed by IT consulting firms. Computer System Analysts top the lists of the finest IT careers because of their high job satisfaction and competitive salary. Especially in the areas of cloud computing, mobile technologies, and healthcare (IoMT). Typically, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related subject.


9. Network and Systems Administrator

  • Median annual salary: $80,600
  • Job outlook through 2030: 5%


Even though this position has the lowest growth rate, don’t let that deter you. Organizations need network and system management. However, network and Computer System Administrators are in high demand in almost every business in the country today. Every firm makes use of systems and networks. Businesses need someone to handle their day-to-day tech operations. For instance, installing and maintaining intranets, etc.
Candidates for the role hold degrees in information and computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering.


10. Web developer

  • Median annual salary: $77,200
  • Job outlook through 2030: 13%


Web developers create and manage websites and apps by utilizing programming languages, frameworks, and design skills. For instance, they oversee ensuring all text, graphics, video, and other components are properly rendered on the website. This is one of the few careers available that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

In conclusion, technology is one of the most rapidly developing and in-demand sectors that generates thousands of jobs annually. According to the BLS, the number of new employment places in computer and information sciences is going to be 667,000 over the next decade. Use this list as a starting point for determining the employment prospects, income, and educational requirements for your ideal tech career.


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