What to Look for in a Reliable Travel Staffing Company

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Looking for new travel nursing career opportunities? Determining the finest travel staffing company to work with requires some research. When looking for the ideal match for you, it’s vital to examine not just jobs, but also the perks and support services staffing companies offer. So, in the end, you have a complete viewpoint from which to consider your options and make the best decision.


But first, let’s start with the basics:


Travel Nursing


Travel nursing provides registered nurses (RNs) with short-term job possibilities in a wide range of healthcare specialties and settings. Additionally, a travel healthcare job allows you to work and travel all over the country.


To start working as a travel nurse means you are entering an in-demand field. The market factors winding it up started with COVID-19 and continue with major supply/demand variations and growing patient census.


A travel staffing firm is available to advance both your professional status and the extent to which patients receive high-quality care wherever they are.


5 things to look for in a reliable Travel Nursing Company


Here are some crucial factors that are ideal to take into account when comparing travel nursing companies:


1. Variety and Volume of job positions


The more contracts a travel staffing company has, the more likely it is that you receive the best job placements as a travel nurse. Therefore, inquire about the number of contracts that a travel staffing firm has available, as well as the states in which they are available. Most businesses have contracts ranging from 4 – 26 weeks or more, with 13 weeks being the most typical.


A travel nurse company is supposed to offer a wide range of assignments accessible at facilities in a number of specializations. If your specialization is not well-known, speak with a recruiter about the unique possibilities available in your practice area.


2. Housing


Housing varies per nursing company since a few recruiters offer several housing alternatives. It is imperative to resort to a housing stipend to assist you to find suitable accommodation of your choice or staying with relatives and friends. In any case, this component is crucial because you may or may not be aware of the state to which you have been assigned. As a result, make sure you get detailed information about your housing options, including if it is completely furnished, utilities, and more.


3. Contract Exclusivity


Staffing firms hold managed service agreements with hospital systems, so they give their nurses the first choice among premium travel nursing assignments. Therefore, keep an eye on specific details in the contract exclusivity and the medical institutions they maintain agreements with.


This becomes relevant once you are given the chance to choose rather than just being assigned due to your specialty.


4. Weigh the Benefits and the Bonuses


Travel staffing firms frequently mention typical pay rates for their job advertisements, but this is only a part of your overall compensation. Take the opportunity to inquire about how firms bundle taxable and non-taxable funds.


The best travel nursing companies to work with provide a comprehensive package of travel nurse benefits. Including medical insurance options, dental benefits, housing options, paid travel expenses, professional liability insurance, comprehensive credentialing, weekly pay, and more. Afterward, when asking about the benefits, find out when your coverage begins. Also, whether the employer pays your nursing licensure costs if you seek to work in another state, and if they have contracts that give fixed hours.


On the other hand, travel nurse bonuses are available in a variety of ways, including special seasonal bonuses, sign-on bonuses, completion bonuses, overtime bonuses, and shift differentials. These perks are simply another benefit of working with a great travel staffing firm, so be sure to always inquire about what is offered.


5. On-the-job Assistance


Travel nurses have the right to expect their company to be there for them when on assignment. So, ask recruiters about their support system.

  • Will they be available if you have any questions or problems while you are on your shift?
  • Do they have licensing and housing professionals that are able to assist you?
  • Do they offer a dedicated recruiter or will you get bounced around from person to person?
  • Do they look externally to uncover new contracts for you or do they rely on current hospital clients alone?
  • Do they have direct relationships with the facilities?
  • Are they able to objectively educate you on the pros and cons of working at different facilities?
  • The best travel staffing firms are able to respond “yes” to these sorts of questions.

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You have now the opportunity to select the best alternative and consider every detail right away. Plus, achieve your personal and professional objectives while making an impact in the healthcare community.


Travel staffing companies are extremely relevant to your travel nursing experience and career. Pay special attention to even minor aspects to guarantee that you trust and rely on them for effective, enjoyable, and life-changing projects.


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