The Evolution of Marketing: A look at the Jobs and Training Skills in high demand

High demand jobs

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From trade to tech, the evolution of marketing is known as an advanced blend of strategy and technology. The granularity and complexity of marketing tactics has increased, as have the attention to detail and personalization of each client touchpoint.


The evolution of marketing is constantly changing given the expansion of new social media platforms, rising awareness of the psychological principles that convert visitors to consumers, including problem aggravation, the distinction between features and advantages, video testimonials, and social proof. What is certain, however, is that marketing as we currently know it continues to adapt and evolve while continuing to play an important role in our daily lives.


Below, please find high demand jobs in marketing, their compensation, and the needs and descriptions for evolving your skills to these roles.


5 High Demand Jobs in Marketing for 2023


1. Marketing Data Analyst


Average salary: $50,225 per year


Job description: Gather, examine, and survey market data from the current and future for distribution and promotion of a given area or product. Marketing data analysts also offer support and guidance regarding marketing initiatives and collateral. Plus, participate, help, and support business events related to marketing initiatives. A bachelor’s degree is normally needed for this position.


The era of data-driven marketing is now. There is an enormous quantity of data flowing from many different sources in today’s environment, including your website, mobile application, and even your own business systems. It’s not an issue to have a lot of data, but you want to get the most useful information out of it. Moreover, effective data insights help to better understand clients’ characteristics and interests.


In order to better target these consumers, marketers need to understand how consumer behavior is changing. This is a critical skill nowadays.


2. Product Specialist


Average salary: $84,971 per year


Job description: Keep track of all phases of a product’s lifespan, including both long- and short-term marketing and development. In order to maintain the product’s competitive position, the product specialist monitors market developments. They also communicate with project managers and clients to establish the product’s future course. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is needed for this position.


A good product manager serves as the company’s “go-between,” ensuring that the various divisions all stay on course to create the greatest products possible for your company’s objectives and its clients. Today, product specialists need to be aware of all the channels available to them for marketing their products as well as the technology needs of their products. It is no longer acceptable for a product specialist to simply say the technical team understands the technology demands.


3. Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM)


Average salary: $70,051 per year


Job description: To ensure that sales, budget, ROI, and other business objectives are fulfilled, SEM Specialists develop, optimize, and carry out search engine marketing plans and campaigns. Additionally, they oversee pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and conduct data analysis to spot viable trends to optimize and increase databases. A bachelor’s degree is typically needed for this position.


Customers are increasingly turning to search engines to find the goods and services they’re looking for, that’s why these jobs are in high demand. Being in front of clients who are prepared to buy is one of SEM specialists’ greatest strengths.


Search Engine Marketing specialists need to be up-to-date and expanding their knowledge within the various SEM tools and the trends within marketing.


4. Content Specialist


Average salary: $66,819 per year


Job description: Assist in the creation and deployment of website content as well as print content. In order to develop a final layout that complies with corporate standards, the content specialist also coordinates and incorporates the work of authors and designers. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is enough for this position.


Content specialists possess strong writing, editing, and project management abilities. In general, they own the management of the entire content lifecycle, from ideation, creation, and editing through to approvals, distribution, measurement, and maintenance. They also develop a content strategy and oversee teams of writers. However, the role varies greatly depending on the company and industry.


5. Social Media Specialist


Average salary: $54,294 per year


Job description: To support and improve the organization’s operations and brand, social media specialists create and develop social media content. In order to grow followers and improve engagement, social media specialists keep an eye on posts and analyze all platforms where the brand has exposure on. A bachelor’s degree in a related field is necessary for this position.


Businesses spend billions of dollars per year to advertise to consumers. Social media specialists are an essential component of the advertising machine. They are responsible for content creation and publication, growth of followings, community management, and social media presence building.


Training Marketing Skills


Due to the increase of remote working positions, digital marketing teams are currently in the spotlight. Employers are searching for energetic, knowledgeable employees who can thrive in the brand-new digital environment. Here are the top marketing skills in demand for 2023:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


In recent years, there have been significant changes to SEO guidelines. Google frequently updates its algorithm, and there is an imperative need to get ready for them if you want to stay ahead of the ever-shifting SEO curve. Consequently, it is a desirable skill that recruiters all over are constantly looking for.


It makes you stand out as a candidate when you understand about the dynamics of SEO and how content affects web traffic.


Content Strategy


Content strategy is more than a process, it is an advantageous skill. It is the practice of combining all the marketing expertise to gather the right content for the right people. Moreover, ensure time and resources are leveraged while maximizing the return on investment.


Even if the content strategy doesn’t directly relate to your area of expertise, you surely need to harness this skill as it has become a key component in every marketing strategy.




Copywriting continues to be at the forefront of this process because communicating with your audience is essential for successful marketing.


Writing content that engages readers and motivates them to act with a constrained word count requires creativity and knowledge of sales. It is challenging for firms to stand out in the sea of online competition without great copywriting abilities.


Competition Research


In order to understand your audience, competitor analysis is essential. With this skill you are able to compare and assess your own marketing efforts by learning what your competitors are doing effectively and where they are falling short.


You become a valued member of your marketing team when you demonstrate that you have a thorough awareness of the market.


Innovation and perpetual motion are still required today and marketers are trying to approach those in a different way. Candidates find themselves in a field where they are experiencing more competition than ever, which can be overwhelming at times. Don’t fret! We can help you find the perfect high demand jobs in marketing for you. Search for high demand jobs here.Search jobs


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