5 Industries that Benefit from Application Development

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If you own a business, you are aware of how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. The story of application development is not new; we have been hearing it over and over again for many years. But, what benefits do we expect from developing enterprise applications?


The mobile app market is renowned for its constantly evolving app developers. These experts are more frequently incorporating cutting-edge mobile technology into established corporate processes to simplify for enhanced output. In fact, according to a recent analysis, the market for app development is predicted to be worth $1039.89 billion by 2027.


Furthermore, mobile app development has managed to make a lasting impression even in highly consumer-focused industries. Because of web application development, companies have the capacity to react to market fluctuations and ongoing technology advancements.


Top 5 sectors benefiting most from mobile app development


Healthcare Industry


Custom application development has been key for the healthcare industry, specifically for patient-centric features.


The advent of mobile applications has improved internal communication between physicians, healthcare professionals, and hospital administration, while also enabling real-time access to pertinent medical records to enhance patient care. Now, people easily arrange an appointment or use any healthcare facility during a medical emergency thanks to the development of mobile apps. Moreover, patients follow up on their health-related questions and request virtual consultation. And not only that, for instance, medical practitioners have hassle-free access to patient records on their smartphones, which facilitates prompt patient diagnosis and care.


Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has experienced rapid growth, and in 2022, more growth is anticipated. In reality, there is a whole new market for developing apps that is growing quickly and strongly: Medical devices. From monitoring their heart rate via cellphones to improving mental health and sleep quality, medical devices have entered the market to stay. With the ever-expanding options of technology in healthcare this industry benefits from enterprise application development.


Education Industry


The education sector is expanding quickly. The U.S. education market was assessed to be worth $1,411 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow to $1,949 billion by 2025, according to the research study. More specifically, the e-learning sector is foreseeing a $245 billion share in 2022.


With the cutting-edge app creation geared toward the education industry, web application developers offer the following features:


  • Interactive creative learning methods
  • Suggestions for learning that are individualized and carefully curated based on profile data and preferences
  • Tests to verify and monitor learning
  • Analytical findings for in-the-moment insights into the development
  • High-quality multimedia for immersive learning, including videos, infographics, audio podcasts, and more
  • Personalized learning program for users with AI


Learning applications have the potential to significantly aid tutors in their work by providing students with the greatest capabilities possible. And not only that, but application development helps education platforms to be accessible now, saving time creating lesson plans and automatic grading.

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Travel and Tourism Industry


The process of online travel booking has moved firmly into the 21st century, with a projection of 700 million people purchasing booking via apps by 2023. For instance, numerous agencies already help travelers with important plans, but they are only able to offer that level of assistance when the customer is already there. Whereas, mobile apps offer a method to give clients access to help around-the-clock and let them monitor the status of their preparations.


Of the 148 million online travel bookings in 2018, 82% occurred without any human interaction, via a mobile app or website. Why? Mobile apps offer an unmatched amount of data that fundamentally alter how people run their companies. When it comes to the travel and tourism industry, application development enables businesses to track customer behavior, provide tailored recommendations, improve customer support, streamline involvement, leading to a better user experience and, consequently, more sales.


E-Commerce Industry


E-Commerce has assimilated into people’s daily lives across the world in less than 21 years. Nearly 1.2 million transactions occur everyday across several e-commerce portals, and most of the purchases are via apps.


The consumer experience is always a factor in the e-Commerce industry. It is therefore impossible to avoid using an app for an e-Commerce company. An app enhances the customer experience, and when compared to a website, they are straightforward and always available. Moreover, apps have access to several mobile device and tablet functionalities utilizing features like GPS, camera, microphone, accelerometer, contacts, etc. E-Commerce app conversation rates are three times higher than regular websites.


Finance Industry


Today, applications can handle consumer data, complete transactions, and analyze risk. To enable their clients to perform transactions on the go, many firms have also created mobile applications.


Businesses in the banking sector have the potential to increase productivity, cut expenses, and enhance client satisfaction by creating custom applications.


The potential for corporate expansion through the creation of mobile applications is limitless. As we’ve seen, businesses across a range of sectors use application development to enhance customer service or optimize processes.


Additionally, businesses must prepare to invest in cutting-edge technology like mobile app development if they want to survive and grow in today’s market. Why wait ? If you’re prepared to advance your company, begin now. Need help finding the right technology help? Looking for a position in app development? Contact one of our recruiters today!


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